• Himematsutake originated in Brazil, but the Himematsutake (Iwade Strain 101) is a superior variety cultivated in Japan, which has since been known as "king of Brazilian mushrooms," and has many patents in Europe, America, and Japan regarding its function and manufacturing.
  • The Himematsutake originated in the Iwade Research Institute of Mycology in Mie Prefecture, Japan. In 1975 Dr. Inosuke Iwade was the first person to successfully artificially cultivate the Himematsutake. In 40 years of research, over 100 academic theses have been published about the subject.
  • The Fuji International Enterprises first introduced the Himematsutake (Iwade Strain 101) to Taiwan in 1994. The company's goal was to provide the best quality products and services to consumers. Please make sure you only use the Himematsutake (Iwade Strain 101) developed by the Iwade Research Institute of Mycology.
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